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November 2015

November 12, 2015

Thanksgiving offerings

We are pleased to offer you some delicious items to add to your November holiday feasts.  IMG_0044


*Pumpkin Pie (vegan)  Made with fresh roasted local organic Kabocha/Pumpkin/and Georgia candy roaster squash!  Sugar free, maple sweetened for $25

*Apple Pie (Vegan) $20 Made with fresh local unsprayed apples and warming spices!

2 crust OR1 crust and a pecan ginger crumble.                        homev32

Mini pie:  $5 either pumpkin or Apple.

*Scones-Pumpkin (kabocha) spice with dates (sugar free, contains dairy and eggs) $3 each or 8 for $20

Order any type of scone 8 minimum!

*Local Organic Chevre Kabocha Cheesecake with a Pumpkin seed gingersnap crust!  Contains eggs, goat dairy, and sugar.  Serves 10-15    $40

*Sourdough Bread -> Wild Yeast, Dark and Seedy, Roasted Kabocha, Cinnamon Raisin, or Super Sour Seedy   All 24 ounces.  Sliced or whole.  $7/loaf  (vegan)

*Super sour dark seedy mini baguettes $3   (vegan)

*Baguettes $4  (vegan)

*Rustic pumpkin cranberry rolls $6 for 4

*Frozen sliced bread-perfect for toast or making stuffing $5 per loaf or 2 for $9

*Special Requests? Please inquire asap!  @

Pick up Wednesday November 25th 230-4 or by appointment.

To order please email and we will send you a paypal invoice.  Other payment options can be arranged!  Please place orders by Friday, November 20th, or at Farmers’ market on November 21st.