April 4, 2018



PLEASE READ CAREFULLY for ordering this specific bread::::

Our rustic boules are crusty and chewy, with a tender slightly open crumb.  Made with our natural wild yeast starter,  they are  given time for slow fermentation, which increases digestibility and creates a unique, mildly sour flavor. Our wild yeast sourdough makes great toast and open face sandwiches, either sweet or savory!

These are larger breads and we are working out a way to get them to you. If you live on the west coast, shipping is $12 for each 5 items ordered including any amount of boules.

If you live in the rest of the US there are a few options to order the boules:

Please only order 3 boules for $12 shipping,

OR 2 boules and 1 other item,

OR 1 boule and 3 other items

Email if you need more information. The site will let you order more, but we can’t fit them in the flat rate boxes.

For APRIL we are offering our sourdough boules: April 16th & April 30th.  You must order by the Thursday before the ship date to get in on the order.

ingredients: Filtered water, GF flour (millet*, tapioca*, potato starch*, buckwheat* ), wild yeast starter (filtered water, brown rice flour*), flax meal*, sunflower seed meal*, psyllium husk*, salt.
*=Organic ingredients



approx 27 ounces


ALLERGEN STATEMENT: Made in a facility that processes common food allergens, including dairy eggs and tree nuts (no peanuts or gluten)