August 20, 2014

cookies-chocolate chip (vegan)


Ingredients: Coconut oil*, Sugar*, Flour ( Sorghum*, Tapioca*, Potato), Golden Flax seeds*, Chocolate Chips*, Apple Sauce*,
Coconut oil*, Sugar*, Flour ( Sorghum*, Tapioca*,
Xanthan Gum, Vanilla (water, alchohol, organic vanilla beans)
Salt, Baking S o d a .
Net Weight 6 oz (177 grams)


Please find our vegan cookies at these locations:
Weekly at the Arcata Farmers’ Market
Cafe Brio
Richard’s Goat
Arcata and Eureka Coop
ENF Eureka and Mckinleyville coffee bar
Mariposa Market (Willits)

To order 3 chocolate chip cookies:


* Flat/fixed shipping charge of $10 for each 5 “items”*** ordered (*** 3 cookies are considered 1 item). Order by Thursday to get your box shipped out by the following Monday. Shipments usually arrive in 2-3 days. Only ships in the U.S.A


ALLERGEN STATEMENT: Made in a facility that processes common food allergens, including dairy eggs and tree nuts (no peanuts)