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CSB - Community Supported Bakery

About Arise Bakery’s CSB

Arise Bakery started as a CSB (Community Supported Bakery) in 2009, delivering loaves weekly to local community members. We continued offering this service through the winter months once we started selling at the Farmers’ Market, which made it an easy access for customers and it was a good method for us to know how much to bake and when. We will now be offering the CSB seasonally.

We follow the tradition of the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) model, where a member pays up front and gets weekly boxes of the farm’s harvest. As a member in our CSB, you will choose whether you want bread and/or baked goods for your share, and then have the option to choose different varieties for your share each week. You will have the opportunity to add on extra items for the holidays and get in on limited edition specialty items, and discounted items like seconds (just as delicious)! And since you are making a commitment to us, we offer our products to you at a lower price than what you will find at the Market or stores. Sound good?

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