My Story

Raised amidst the natural beauty of Northern California, my upbringing instilled in me a deep love for the outdoors, organic farming, healing, and art in many mediums. However, it was a transformative journey through southern Spain and Morocco in my early twenties truly changed my life.

During this trip, I found myself captivated by the simple yet profound rituals of a baker nestled in a mountain village. His daily act of baking bread for the community resonated deeply with me, revealing the powerful connection between food, community, and healing.

However, my time in Morocco took an unexpected turn when illness struck. As I was bedridden and grappling for my life, I could smell the bread being baked a few doors up from my hotel. This sudden change in my health forced me to return to Northern California sooner than planned. Despite this setback, the memories of the baker's dedication continued to inspire me as I grappled with a newfound sense of purposelessness upon my return.

Driven by a desire to heal my body and contribute meaningfully to my community, I embarked on a mission to master the art of gluten-free baking back home in Humboldt County. Drawing upon the baker's role as a vital pillar of his village, I dedicated myself to crafting nourishing bread that not only satisfied cravings but also provided comfort and sustenance to those with dietary restrictions.

With each loaf, I discovered a sense of purpose and fulfillment that had long eluded me. Through the creation of Arise Bakery, I honor the legacy of the mountain baker, offering a taste of healing and community to all who seek it. Just as his bread served as a symbol of connection and resilience, I aim for my gluten-free creations to bring joy and nourishment, bridging the gap between food and healing in our community.