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The Essence of Arise Bakery: Our Origins, Values, and Commitment to Gluten-Free Excellence.


Behind the Bakery

From Local Origins to Nationwide Distribution: The Evolution of Arise Bakery

Arise Bakery began its journey in 2009 as a Farmers’ Market booth, offering a selection of gluten-free bread and pastries featuring locally grown produce. Originating from a Community-Supported Bakery concept, where the founder baked weekly for friends and acquaintances, the growing demand spurred us to serve the wider community. As Arise Bakery gained momentum, local restaurants and cafes started requesting custom products for their menus. We expanded to local grocery stores to meet the demand for more accessible options throughout the week.
A defining moment occurred when our products caught the attention of a Whole Foods Local Foods Forager at a nearby grocery store. This discovery lead to an invitation to retail at Whole Foods, marking a significant milestone in our expansion beyond Humboldt County.

Today, Arise Bakery remains committed to quality and innovation, providing nutritious and delicious gluten-free products to customers across Northern California and nationwide through mail orders.

Our Values


Thoughtfully crafted for individuals with celiac disease and gluten-related sensitivities, our breads are made with nutrient-dense ingredients and traditional fermentation methods, promoting gut health and overall well-being while reflecting our belief in the power of food to nourish both body and soul.

Thoughtful Sourcing

We prioritize transparency and integrity by partnering with local suppliers who share our values, striving to ensure that ingredients are sourced responsibly to minimize environmental impact while delivering exceptional quality in every product.

Gluten-Free Innovation

By exploring diverse grains and ingredients, we inspire individuals to embrace dietary diversity and celebrate the abundance of wholesome, delicious alternatives available to them, reshaping perceptions and fostering culinary creativity and joy within the gluten-free community.


Meet The Founder

Reah, the founder of Arise Bakery, is a passionate advocate for gluten-free living and holistic wellness. Her journey into the world of gluten-free baking began in 2005 when she discovered her intolerance to gluten and struggled to find satisfying options for gluten-free bread. Drawing inspiration from her deep connection to nature, Reah's baking philosophy is grounded in traditional methods of fermentation, using intuition, experimentation, and a commitment to utilizing wholesome ingredients to create gluten-free products.

Driven by her dedication to personal healing, Reah founded Arise Bakery to share her love for gluten-free baking with others. Through Arise Bakery, she seeks to serve and empower her community with nourishing options that satisfy both the body and the soul, providing delicious gluten-free products that align with her values of quality, nutrition, and holistic well-being. More

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Meet The Team

Get to know our dedicated team who bring passion, creativity, and expertise to every aspect of the Arise Bakery experience.

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